Spyware removal and adware removal with SpyBuster software.Welcome to SpyBuster Software!

Detect and remove spyware with SpyBuster. Prevent identity theft with anti spy software. REMOVE SPYWARE now! Introducing SpyBuster version 2, the revolutionary new spyware removal and prevention system only from SpyBuster!

Spyware can track where you surf, who you talk to, what information you type into search engines, and take over your computer with web browser hijackers and annoying pop ups. Your personal identity and computer data are at risk. Only SpyBuster 2’s real-time monitoring agent can stop spyware as it attempts to install on your system, before your personal information is at risk!

Remove spyware! Spyware removal is available from SpyBuster anti spy software.><br>

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Current Threat:
Cool Web Search

Threat Level: HIGH

"Coolwebsearch" continues to plague systems around the world with its trojan style hijacking routine. SpyBuster is constantly updating to maintain removal of this horrendous pest.

View our SpyBuster Software Current Threat description page.

Recent Updates 
SpyBuster releases a new database update adding new definitions for Network Essentials, IBIS Toolbar and 2ndThought adware.

Recently Added Detections:
Added: 2ndThought
Added several new SpyWatch definitions.
Updated: Network Essentials
Updated: IBIS Toolbar
Updated: WinPup
Added: MSLagent

Updated: Xupiter
Added: Adtomi
Added 17 new SpyWatch Spyware Monitor Detections
Added: OpenSite
Added: NetPal

Spyware removal and adware removal with SpyBuster software.SpyBuster version 2.0 Released August 1st, 2004!

SpyBuster Software - The most poweful anti spyware removal software available has just been upgraded to version 2.0 All of our state of the art features plus many new and upgraded features are standard in version 2.0

2.0 is able to scan and clean your entire system of over 4500 UNIQUE spyware and adware components in seconds! Also included in SpyBuster 2 Professional is SpyWatch, a real-time monitoring agent designed to STOP SPYWARE BEFORE IT STARTS!

SpyBuster 2.0 also features Intelligent Scanning that uses advanced algorithms to identify and destroy new variants of spyware based on previous strings that have been detected! Our Intelligent Scan function learns each time it scans based on your system's configuration. SpyBuster is actually able to read your unique system settings and search in other locations for spyware. No other anti spy software has this ability.

Easy to use interfaces, weekly updates, and friendly, fast response tech-support make SpyBuster 2 the ideal way to protect your privacy, your information, and your computer from the harmful effects of spyware and adware! >> Find out more!

Real-time Spyware and Adware Prevention!

Why allow spyware and adware infect your computer before you protect yourself? SpyBuster 2: Professional features our  real time scanning agent that stops spyware and adware before they can infect your system!

Conventional anti spyware and adware applications only remove parasites that have already been installed onto your system, after your personal data has been put at risk. With SpyBuster 2: Professional not only can you clean existing parasites from your system, but prevent them  from running! By providing both removal and prevention of these infections, your system will have complete spyware and adware protection! >> Find out more!

Spyware removal and adware removal with SpyBuster software.SpyBuster Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

On August 1st 2003, SpyBuster Software version 1.0 was released. Over the past 12 months, SpyBuster has grown to be the #1 most trusted name in spyware removal solutions.

SpyBuster has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, The Denver Post, various radio talk shows and on Planet.nl as the number one choice for spyware prevention and removal.

SpyBuster Software has just released the second version of SpyBuster with many enhancements and new features submitted to us by our fabulous loyal customers. Come see first hand why SpyBuster is the name people trust most.

Spyware removal and adware removal with SpyBuster software.Company History

SpyBuster was built on Bothwell Innovations, LLC's previous anti spy product Nitrous Anti Spy. Nitrous Anti Spy was the very first product (released in early 1999) to remove spyware. Since 2002, Nitrous Anti Spy had tough competition and something needed to be done. The Nitrous Anti Spy product line was put on hold and SpyBuster was born. Not only targeting spyware, but also adware was the goal of company founder and president, Adam Bothwell.

"SpyBuster will take the foundation of Nitrous Anti Spy and revamp the engine into a new standard for spyware and adware removal. Our goal is to create new standards and become the precedent for spyware removal solutions. SpyBuster is the key to this objective. The name says it all. 'Spy Bust' the malicious pests that plague computers daily with SpyBuster software."
Adam Bothwell, SpyBuster Head Designer and CEO, July 2004.


How do I know if I have spyware?

  • If your web browser's home page has changed to a website that you didn't set it to, or your computer is running much slower than normal while performing routine tasks you may be infected with spy or adware
  • If you download music, there is a big chance that your computer has been infected with spyware known as "adware." Adware comes bundled. with many types of freeware products, and collect vast amounts of information about you.
  • Think someone knows your personal information? Identity theft is a common problem, often caused by spyware and adware programs that are overlooked on your computer. Remove spyware with SpyBuster anti spy software. Spyware removal is simple and easy with our spyware and adware removal tool.
  • Do you suspect someone spying on your computer activity? Let SpyBuster search your computer for hundreds of commercial spy software programs and thousands of adware programs. Commercial spyware can track every single action you do on the computer. Some spyware is designed to transmit all recorded information over the Internet to the person who installed it on your machine. Not only is this stealth method undetected by any user, it also puts your data at risk on the Internet for anyone to see. Find out if you have spyware installed today! Adware causes popups, system errors, becomes a general hassle and can also lead to spyware installation.

How Can I Remove Spyware?

  • Download SpyBuster anti spy software and scan your computer for thousands of spyware and adware components.
  • Detect and remove spyware and adware with our powerful anti spy software.
  • Use SpyBuster 2: Professional's real-time monitoring agent to stop the installation of spyware and adware.
  • SpyBuster helps prevent identity theft - a common occurrence with spyware.


Windows 95, 98, Me


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System Specifications:
200 Mhz or faster processor.
64 MB of ram.
Internet connection for program file and database updates.
8 MB of hard disk space.

One payment of $39.95 for SpyBuster Home (Includes free database updates).
For $49.95 you get our real-time monitoring agent SpyWatch.


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